Poetry Analysis: Part 4 of 5

“Private Parts” by Sarah Kay
Read the poem here

To say that this poem is a personal one would be an understatement. The piece revolves around a relationship of young love. Sarah Kay describes in wonderful detail the inner workings of such an innocent, almost naïve relationship. By the fifth stanza, the reader can easily picture the couple as inseparable with lines like, ‘There was no secret I did not tell him, / there was no moment we did not share’. In the next stanza, one line reads, ‘We spelled “love” G-I-V-E‘ which really begins to show how devoted and exclusive this love was. By the last two stanzas of the poem, it is clear that the relationship has ended and they live in different parts of the world now, with different lovers. With lines like, ‘the years have spread us like dandelion seeds,’ the reader is provided with a bittersweet image of a love that did not last over the process of growing up. The final line, ‘reaching for things I have long since given away,’ subtlety indicates that she, too, has given herself to another.

Image courtesy of TED


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