Poetry Analysis: Part 2 of 5

“Raw With Love” by Charles Bukowski
Read the poem here

The author begins by addressing the subject, his lover, as ‘little dark girl with kind eyes.’ This may indicate that his lover is younger than him, but also just as sad and willing to love again. He then mentions a knife and lets the reader know that using it will be inevitable, showing us that he is the one in control. The poem does not rhyme but it flows freely, mentioning all the happier times these two had as a couple. The repetition of the phrase, ‘I won’t blame you’ shows us that the end is coming but even then, he won’t hold his lover responsible. Bukowski shows us just how tight-knit their love was by creating a sense of unity in playing back their memories. ‘Our morning coffee / our noons our nights / our bodies spilled together’ and ‘your leg my leg / your arm my arm.’ By the end, the knife is mentioned again and he reiterates the fact the he is the only one with such a weapon, but he will not use it. With this, Bukowski is alluding to the fact that he alone holds the power to hurt her, but he will not.


Image Courtesy of TerraPapers


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